Case Study

Self Data Services® Software Platform in a Big Data environment


How to put a Datahub directly in the hand of business users.

Azqore supports its clients‘ transformation programs from its headquarters in Switzerland and its Singapore location. Azqore, through its shared banking platform, provides a comprehensive variety of products and services for wealth managers wishing to minimize their fixed costs through banking platform outsourcing and delegation of operations (BPO) such as Back-Office or accounts receivable. Azqore‘s platform serves dozens of banking institutions in Switzerland, Europe, and Singapore.

This platform includes a „core banking,“ wealth management reference software, and data management capabilities (including a DataHub).

To improve the customer experience, Azqore aimed at developing a „Datamart for Wealth Managers“ solution, empowering its clients to:

  • Exploit and analyze data without the need for technical skills, thus through the development of business data models directly accessible by all the bank‘s departments and services, while securing all confidentiality requirements.
  • Have a 360-degree view of customer assets that includes detailed analytics along multiple axes.
    • time axes, geography, asset types….
    • Static or dynamic reporting (including on tablets)
  • Extend wealth management analysis by incorporating new data sources, particularly in the context of ESG developments.
  • Using artificial intelligence based on several patterns
    • Portfolio investment analysis combined with client data (age, gender, nationality, occupation, etc.) to recommend the „Next Best Product“
    • Analyze customer expenditures (luxury, technology, travel, cuisine, etc.) to drive investment proposals.

Suadeo‘s Self Data Services®, made it a reality as it enables and empowers business users to better exploit their data by allowing them to:

  • Use the same software platform to access all layers of processing and restitution (dashboard, Pixel Clear Reports, low-code applications, chatbot, data catalog, usage data, open data exposure, data management, query, ETL, etc.).
  • Use data directly from the Datahub in a highly secure manner with a performance that is frequently near real time (history of decades of data, in a data streaming mode).
    Become more responsive by securely accessing data structures to alter or reconcile files on the fly without compromising the master data integrity.
    Intervene throughout the data life cycle, from extraction to dissemination, through the same engine and very user-friendly ergonomics.
    See their productivity increase.

Above all, the Suadeo Self Data Services® platform has created significant opportunities for the development of new service offerings through its:

  • DataViz Platform.
  • Platform for Agile Reporting.
  • Low-Code Apps.
  • Open Data Platform.
  • Data Governance Platform.
  • Suadeo sovereign cloud

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