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Suadeo, a French software firm created in 2004, is headquartered in Paris and has operations in Switzerland and Dubai. The Suadeo Self Data Services platform was created to help Business users be more responsive, with the firm belief that the value of data is determined by how it is used. Suadeo disrupts the BI industry by empowering business users to safely exploit and utilize their data in full autonomy, without the need for technical skills or assistance. Because its agility and responsiveness enhancement for strategic decision-making, Suadeo is utilized by clients in a variety of private and public sector entities in France and throughout the world.

Suadeo Self Data Services is an „all-in-one“ software platform that combines modern Data Governance capabilities with all the data restitution technologies we can find today. It contains all the tools required for Self BI (Dashboard, Pixel Clear Reports, Low-code apps, Chatbot, Data Catalogue, Usage Data, Open Data Exposure, Data Management, Query, ETL). Suadeo articulates the data governance process with restitution tools via a virtualized semantic layer called „Usage Data.“

As a result, business users are no longer bound by iterations with the IT teams gain in operational autonomy and become more responsive as they securely access data structures to modify or reconcile files on the fly, without affecting the master data integrity or security. Freed from the need for technical or support experts, they can then crea¬te their own analyses according to their requirements or intuitions of the moment (new queries, new data sources, new manage¬ment rules, new indicators, new types of restitutions, …).

The Suadeo Self Data Services platform is highly secure, it natively embeds all the required security functions that have already helped more than a hundred customers from sectors in the likes of (Health, Military, Banking, Insurance) which are heavily regulated when it comes to accessing personal or sensitive data (GDPR, Data Leakage, …).
Suadeo also offers its Sovereign Cloud!

Moving from Data to the use of Data
The autonomy of operational staff is only possible if they are allowed to act on the complete life cycle of the data from its extraction to its restitution; and by accessing the Data Management functions available in the same tool. Only Self BI meets this requirement by allowing business users to build their own analyses and assess their intuitions on the fly. Users are no longer concerned about the availability of data, its referencing, the ability to process it, share or disseminate it. They focus on the use they make of it!

Moving from the use of Data to the Service of Data
If the user spends 80% of the time on Data, little time is left to take a step back and focus on the relevance of the resulting analyses and their uses. Suadeo Self Data Services platform eliminates all technical data management actions to immediately liberate the user, now empowered to exploit data as she/he needs and as result, frees more necessary time to work on the resulting services!.

The main services Suadeo Self Data Services platform offers:

  • DataViz Platform: A data visualization fully in the hands of Business users, which along with full access to data management functi¬ons, frees them from technical constraints.
  • Agile Reporting Platform (automated multi-format Pixel Clear reports and encrypted sharing): Efficient, agile, and responsive, Suadeo reporting enables the dynamism expected by top management.
  • Low-Code Applications: Non-technical users can develop applications in record time without the need of a single line of coding.
  • Open Data Platform: Suadeo Self Data Services® platform is natively open data. Any data, analysis or component can be shared by a single click, internally or with a wider public.
  • Data Governance Platform: Our platform also guarantees control and manages the end-to-end data lifecycle, from extraction to dissemination.
  • A sovereign cloud: Suadeo offers a sovereign Cloud (HDS, SecNum) with data centers hosted in Ile-de-France. All hardware and software that make up our Cloud are the exclusive property of Suadeo


  • MFPS Services
  • Crédit Agricole Ile de France „CADIF“
  • Banque Cantonale de Genève
  • Valmont Group


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