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Data Excellence Workshops

Accelerate your transformation through stragey, culture and governance

This offer is only valid for software end user organizations.. It is not extended to vendors and consulting firms.

2 Workshop options

Quick Reflection Workshop

Whether you already have a data strategy in place or are just starting out:

Ensure success with up-to-date perspectives on how to generate business value in the four fields of Data Excelence.

  1. Understanding the field, status quo of the market and its developments, best practices and lessons learned
  2. Alignment with your organization’s specific situation, identification of areas for improvement, and definition of next steps

Focus Workshop

Validate your approach to one of the four areas of Data Excellence.

Identify the right options for your organization drawing inspiration and ideas from real-world expeience.

We will identify, structure and prioritize initiatives that will drive your organzation forward.

  1. Understanding the field and specific BARC Blueprints for the area of Data Excellence
  2. Evaluation and priorization of approaches and measures to improve your organization. Based on a set of best practices, we identify and prioritize aspects you’ll need to tackle short-term and long-term in order to succeed.
  3. We’ll define a set of initial measures for priority aspects that will enable you to improve your organizations data culture.

4 Topical Areas

  • Data Strategy & Data Democracy:
    sharpen awareness on the meaning of data strategy & data democracy, define SMART goals, align with corporate strategy
  • Data Culture:
    shape aspects of data culture, face challenges of cultural change drawing inspiration and actionable ideas from real-world experience
  • Data Mesh & Data Governance:
    promote business-focused data products and access to data marketplaces, move away from traditional to non-invasive approaches to data governance
  • Modern Data Platform:
    build a scalable data platform that supports business users, create a more flexible data architecture with data fabric, enable data intelligence


Whether you are refining a well-established data strategy, actively nurturing a data culture and governance, or embarking on your initial journey in the data landscape: success is within reach. Stay ahead by leveraging contemporary insights on driving business value from data, encapsulated across the four areas of Data Excellence.

We will:

  • Provide fresh perspectives from industry experts – addressing what truly matters and uncovering proven strategies
  • Raise awareness on the topic – delivering practical and succinct insights
  • Engage in a constructive dialogue about your present situation and methodologies
  • Pinpoint areas ripe for optimization and define next steps

In just a two-hour session, we adopt a concise and time-efficient approach. The objective is to pinpoint significant issues warranting deeper exploration.

Using practical examples and real-world inspirations, we will identify viable options to advance your business in the respective Data Excellence area. Together, we’ll decide on and prioritize the necessary steps.

We will:

  • Examine and discuss the pertinent Data Excellence area in detail
  • Offer fresh perspectives for enhancing this Data Excellence area within your company
  • Use the structured BARC approach to clearly define goals, action fields, and measures
  • Identify and prioritize the key steps in each action field, culminating in an initial action plan

In a focused 5-6 hour session, our objective is to determine specific measures and priorities, culminating in a well-defined action plan.

Quick Reflection Workshop

2.500 per module for one topical area
  • incl. preparation, remote workshop and follow-up where necessary
  • 2 modules | 3,900 €
  • 3 modules | 4,900 €
  • 4 modules | 5,900 €

Focus Workshop

4.900 per topical area
  • remote | 4,900 €
  • in-house | 5,900 €

BARC Blueprints for Data Excellence


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