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Looking for decision support in data & analytics?

We can help you find the most reliable and cost-effective products to meet your needs and ensure a fast ROI.


Areas in which we provide assistance

Data-Driven Enterprise

The company of the future today

CPM, Forecasting & Planning

Success with integrated planning, group consolidation and analytics

Software Selection

The art of choosing the right software for your business

Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

Unleashing the power of data

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data-driven into the future


Balancing flexibility and rules

Data Thinking & Use Cases

Data Foundation

Ensuring long-term competitiveness with a solid data base

Data Strategy & Data Culture

Keep your eyes on the prize


Foundation for business success

What sets us apart


BARC is an independent company and guarantees neutrality toward all software vendors. There are no fees for inclusion in our reports, nor do we receive commission for software recommendations. In our opinion, this is the only way to advise on the best software strategy for our customers.


BARC employees have been assisting companies and evaluating software since the early 1990s. We combine our detailed knowledge of software markets, products and implementations to achieve the optimum results for our customers.


Continuous market analysis and the publication of software comparison reports provide the basis of our expertise. This in-depth research has given us a profound and detailed knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of software vendors and products, and enables us to keep up-to-date with the latest market trends.

Hundreds of products from a range of business software categories have been thoroughly tested in the BARC laboratory and over 1,000 customers per year tap into this knowledge and use BARC to help with their software selection projects.

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