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Janis Lasmanis

Senior Online Editor / Senior Content Manager



Janis is responsible for the development, creation and publication of digital content at BARC. His duties include content topic planning, copywriting, creation and SEO analysis.

He also serves as Product Manager for BARC’s monthly online magazine, Data & Analytics Manager, and in this role works closely with the Research Manager to create editorial plans.

Janis ensures BARC’s content is of the highest quality by performing thorough proofreading of flyers, newsletters, technical articles, mailings, studies and other materials.

5 questions to Janis Lasmanis

What are you reading/gaming right now?

I’m reading/listening to The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss and like to play Call of Duty, Diablo 4. With my kids, I play Mario Kart, Mario Party and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

What TV series would you recommend?
  • DAVE – because it comes across as wonderfully wacky, but somehow still has substance.
  • Star Wars: Andor – because it puts the Galaxy far, far away in a different light, far away from the glossy cinema.
  • Lucky Hank – because Bob Odenkirk is in top form!
What superpower would you choose if you could?


What was your last job before joining BARC?

Tableau (Salesforce)

What’s your favorite food?

Everything with spaetzle – and Italian 😉

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