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Thomas Zeutschler

BARC Fellow

As an analyst and technology expert, Thomas supports his clients in adapting modern data & analytics concepts and technologies and in developing data-driven processes and business models.



Thomas is a BARC Fellow and Senior Analyst at BARC in the area of data & analytics.

For many years, as Director Data & Application Foundation and IT CTO, he built up and expanded the areas of data management, analytics & AI, software development, API management, IoT and data-driven business models in an international DAX company.

He is the co-author of several studies and delivers lectures, seminars and workshops with a high practical relevance. Thomas is also a sought-after coach for transformation projects related to data strategy, data culture and the data-driven enterprise.

His focus is on modern data strategy, data lake(house)-based data management concepts, API-based process integration and in particular the definition, implementation and operationalization of data-driven business processes and business models.

In addition, Thomas is a recognized expert in the Python programming language and the professional use of Python in the enterprise. He also teaches Business Analytics and Industry 4.0 at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf.

Areas of expertise

  • Modern, business-driven data strategies
  • Support/coaching in establishing a data culture in organizations
  • Data management modernization (cloud, APIs, data mesh, etc.)
  • Data lake, data lakehouse, data virtualization, and metadata-driven data management methodologies and technologies
  • Application architecture and development for process automation around data and AI using modern cloud technologies (AWS, Azure and GCP) and services such as serverless, containers and Kubernetes
  • Application, customization and use cases for generative AI based on LLM (Large Language Models) such as ChatGPT, BART and LLaMA

5 questions to Thomas Zeutschler

What are you playing at the moment?

1. KartKraft, a racing simulation (with steering wheel and pedals) – quite challenging.
2. The Cello Suite No. 3 by J.S. Bach for guitar – much more demanding.

What is the coolest thing about your job at BARC?

The continuous stream of technological and methodological innovations related to data & AI. It’s crazy what’s possible today. You just have to do it. I recently set up a Kubernetes cluster using Python and SPARK on a 60€ RasperryPi – it wasn’t very useful, but it was very educational.

How did you come to be at BARC?

Getting people and companies excited about data and showing them what you can do with data is a lot of fun. When Carsten Bange asked me to do exactly that for BARC, I was hooked.

What will be your next project?

I still have a new type of database for planning in my head that urgently needs to be turned into freely available Python code. My next BARC project is about data networks and data culture.

What is your next destination?

Venice, maybe Dubrovnik. Travel by bike – the journey is the reward.

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