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Timm Grosser

Timm Grosser

Senior Analyst Data & Analytics

Timm Grosser is a Senior Analyst Data & Analytics with a focus on data management.



Timm Grosser is a Senior Analyst Data & Analytics at BARC with a focus on data strategy, data governance and data management. His core expertise is the definition and implementation of data & analytics strategy, organization, architecture and software selection.

He is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars and has authored numerous BARC studies and articles.

Areas of expertise

  • Developing strategy for BI, data governance and digital transformation
  • Software selection (especially for data management), data intelligence platforms and data catalogs
  • Quality assurance for data & analytics strategies
  • EDW concept design & advanced architectures

5 questions to Timm Grosser

What did you want to become growing up?

I wanted to be a marine biologist, but that obviously didn’t happen.

What TV series would you recommend?

I really enjoyed Game of Thrones, except for the final season. That ending was a disaster.

How long have you been with BARC?

Officially, I started at BARC in January 2007 as a Senior Analyst, but I’ve actually been working with Carsten since 1999. Prior to 2007, I was building web pages for BARC.

Where did you work before joining BARC?

I had my own small web development company, worked at MultaMedio selling and implementing web conference software, and then did another stint as an independent web developer for Funkhaus Würzburg and BARC among others.

What is your favorite food?

There are so many delicious things out there – except Brussels sprouts – and so many more still to try. The list would go on forever. The one thing that’s always high on the list, though, is my home-made pizza that I’ve been perfecting over the years.

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