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Infographic: The state of ESG and sustainability reporting

ESG Challenges, Tools and Outlook

ESG reporting is often a very disruptive process and the typical motivation for doing it is not only driven by regulatory requirements. It has become an important instrument for companies seeking to maintain a good image with their customers, employees and business partners.

Typically, companies refer to more than one ESG framework in their reporting and far exceed the required minimum scope. Due to the variety of standards, stakeholders and options for technical implementation, there is no standard procedure model for ESG reporting in the market yet, and many companies are going above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements for ESG.

It can be a very data and workflow-intensive challenge, especially for manufacturing companies and companies with complex supply chains. This can make the requirements for tool support quite demanding.

Based on a worldwide survey of 283 companies of various sizes and industries, this infographic highlights some of the key findings from our study “The State of ESG & Sustainability Reporting”.

Infographic of the key findings

Infographic: The state of ESG and sustainability reporting
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