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Boost Finance Productivity with Unified Performance Management

We asked companies how they are improving the integration of their performance management. You can find the results in the infographic.

In a global online survey, we asked 198 companies about the measures they are taking to improve the integration of their performance management and the challenges they face in doing so. A summary of the study results is available in the infographic.

Boost Finance Productivity with Unified Performance Management
Die Zukunft der Finanzkonsolidierung und des Group Accountings
BARC Event | 05. und 06. Juni | Frankfurt a.Main
Erfahren Sie auf der BARC Tagung Konzernkonsolidierung 2024 welche Technologien und Strategien für eine effiziente Konzernkonsolidierung nach verschiedenen Rechnungslegungsstandards erforderlich sind. Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, um Ihr Fachwissen zu vertiefen und sich über die aktuellen Trends und Technologien in der Konzernkonsolidierung und im Group Accounting zu informieren.

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Senior Analyst Data & Analytics

Robert is Managing Director and Senior Analyst at BARC Austria. His areas of expertise are analytics, BI and CPM.

He supports companies in all industries in software selection as well as in the design and optimization of strategy, architecture and organization.

Robert has many years of experience managing analytics and BI projects, hands-on expertise with many BI tools on the front end as well as the back end, designing, coaching and implementing reporting, analytics and planning solutions with a focus on self-service BI, information design and advanced planning.

Senior Analyst Data & Analytics

Dr. Christian Fuchs is a Senior Analyst and Head of Data & Analytics Research at BARC. He is the author of numerous BARC studies as well as a sought-after speaker at conferences. His areas of expertise are decision support information systems in corporate performance management (CPM), planning, consolidation and analytics front ends.

As a consultant, he supports companies in the software selection process and in the implementation phase as well as with strategic questions regarding tool portfolios, architecture and usage scenarios.

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