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Data Culture Podcast

How to generate value from AI – at scale and ethically – with Conny Schaurecker, Vodafone

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How to create value from AI is one of the key questions in data-driven organisations today. How to build data models and data products, and how to scale them, are at the core of this endeavour.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Cornelia Schaurecker to our podcast. She has many years of experience in large technology and global companies. She shares some insights on how to organise large data teams, how to identify suitable use cases and how to scale them into global data products.

Finally, Carsten and Conny talk about important factors such as AI ethics and data policies when dealing with the sensitive data of 300 million customers.
Enjoy the episode!


Info about the AI Act in Europe.
Here and here is how Vodafone utilizes AI.
Implementation of Pan-European AI ethics and policies at Vodafone.

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