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Infonomics: How to gain a competitive edge with data – with Douglas Laney

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Data valuation and monetization strategies create advantages for data-driven businesses.

In this discussion, Carsten Bange engages with Douglas Laney from Chicago. Douglas is renowned for his expertise in data and analytics, with a distinguished career spanning market analysis, consulting and academia.

The focus of this episode is on a concept that Douglas introduced about two decades ago, known as “Infonomics.” Infonomics is the application of economic principles to data and information, making it increasingly relevant in today’s data-driven world.

Listen if you want to unlock and increase the value of your data assets by measuring, managing and monetizing them.

Enjoy the episode!

If you want to dive deeper, here’s the Link to Douglas’ Book on Infonomics.
Here is the link to his book “Data Juice”.
You can find Douglas here.

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