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Data Culture Podcast

State of the Data & Analytics Market – Ep.1

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Welcome to a special series on the Data Culture Podcast.
In this episode, Carsten is joined by Shawn Rogers, Head of US Operations at BARC and a seasoned expert on the data analytics market. Together, they embark on a comprehensive exploration of the current state of the data analytics landscape.
This series takes a unique approach by analyzing the perspectives of three key players in the market. First, they examine users and buyers: The driving force behind demand for technology and services. Next is a look at the world of vendors, the companies that provide the essential software and services. Finally, they look at the investors who play a critical role in funding companies and driving M&A activity.
The series seeks to provide a comprehensive perspective, considering the interactions among these groups, with the goal of offering insightful observations about the ongoing trends and changes influencing the data analytics market.

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