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How to put AI in the fridge (and what I can learn from it) – with Hendrik Siefert, BSH

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AI expert Hendrik Siefert discusses the innovative integration of AI in refrigerators and home appliances, revolutionizing food storage, inspiring recipes and reducing waste at BSH.

In this episode, our host Carsten talks with Hendrik Siefert, AI Program Lead at BSH Home Appliances Group, about the use of AI in refrigerators and other home appliances. Hendrik explains how AI technology is being used to identify items in refrigerators and address consumer concerns such as food storage, recipe suggestions, and minimizing food waste.
Gain insight into the data-driven approach used to train AI models, leveraging a mix of real and synthetic data for optimal performance. The episode also explores the different analytics methods used in appliances, from edge analytics to cloud-based solutions.
In this discussion, Hendrik also highlights the importance of fostering a data culture within an organization that is aligned with the challenges and requirements of implementing AI solutions.

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