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BARC Presents BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms for the 8th Time

The analyst firm BARC presents BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms. This BARC Score evaluates and compares 21 of the world’s most important vendors of modern enterprise business intelligence & analytics platforms. The chart, along with the software assessments, will be available from June 27th, 2022.

  • For the eighth time, BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms evaluates and presents clear conclusions on today’s most important vendors of modern BI & analytics platforms.
  • Users do not make compromises: An enterprise BI & analytics platform must offer a wide range of functions and support the implementation of a large variety of requirements and use cases from enterprise reporting to mobile dashboards to visual or ML-supported analysis for self-service users. BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms considers a broad set of criteria to identify the market leaders.
  • Verticalization and industry content are gaining in relevance: While most vendors have sought to make their BI & analytics platforms attractive to as many industries as possible in recent years, they are increasingly looking for niches in industries or partnerships with ERP vendors to escape price and competitive pressure.
  • Journalists are welcome to use the uncensored graphics. Our Communications Manager Regina Lenke will be happy to provide them.

The BI & analytics software market is highly competitive – therefore, many vendors have shifted their focus to stay competitive

“This year, a number of strategic decisions made by BI & analytics vendors are clearly reflected in their positioning. Many vendors have revised their strategies to define exactly which customers and deployment scenarios they will focus on, and which they should no longer actively pursue. Vendors can therefore be divided into ‘generic’ platforms and specialists with unique strengths in their focus area,” said Larissa Baier, BARC Analyst and Head of BARC Score.

“For buyers of BI & analytics platforms, it is important to carefully examine the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the further development of solutions. As always, in addition to vendor-related considerations, individual requirements for the planned deployment scenarios that a modern BI & analytics platform is intended to serve should be considered.”

BARC Presents BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms for the 8th Time

Journalists are welcome to use the uncensored graphics. Our Communications Manager Regina Lenke will be happy to provide them.

BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms examines the solutions of the following 21 international vendors: Board International, Dimensional Insight, Domo, Dundas Data Visualization, IBM, Google, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, OpenText, Oracle, Pyramid Analytics, Qlik, SAP, SAS, Sisense, Tableau, TARGIT, TIBCO, ThoughtSpot, Yellowfin and Zoho.

For more information and the full software evaluation, click here.

About BARC Scores

Since 2015, BARC has been classifying providers of business software in various market segments and economic regions. BARC analysts evaluate each vendor meeting a number of technical and financial criteria according to their “Portfolio Capabilities” and “Market Execution”. Behind these two dimensions lie detailed, weighted criteria that determine the placement of the vendors in the BARC Score chart. In addition, BARC draws on the results of user surveys such as The Planning Survey and The BI & Analytics Survey.

For a concise overview of the market, all vendors are classified in the BARC Score chart in one of five categories: “Dominators”, “Market Leaders”, “Challengers”, “Specialists” and “Entrants”. For more information on BARC Score and the methodology behind it, visit

About BARC

BARC is a leading analyst firm for data & analytics and enterprise software with a reputation for unbiased and trusted advice. Our expert analysts deliver a wide range of research, events and advisory services for the data & analytics community. Our innovative research evaluates software and vendors rigorously and highlights market trends, delivering insights that enable our customers to innovate with data, analytics and AI. BARC’s 25 years of experience with data strategy & culture, data architecture, organization and software selection help clients transform into truly data-driven organizations.


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