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Data Warehouse and Data Vault – New Study Reveals Trends in Usage

Modeling, modernization, and automation are central themes of a new BARC Topical Survey that examines current trends in the use of Data Warehouse and Data Vault. The study, “Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends“, was authored by Eckerson Group in collaboration with BARC and is based on the results of a global survey of 238 data and analytics experts.

The study highlights the dominant position of the Data Warehouse in today’s analytics landscape, with most companies still using it for the analysis of business-relevant data. The study also reveals that Data Warehouse users have adopted additional platforms such as Data Lake and Lakehouse. However, data quality problems and cumbersome manual processes remain a challenge for many companies.

Herbert Stauffer, co-author of the study and Senior Analyst at BARC, commented: “Our survey shows that the Data Warehouse still plays a central role in the modern analytics environment. However, the Data Warehouse is not a single point of truth, and it is usually used in conjunction with one or more other environments. Companies should improve their data quality and automation practices to fully leverage the potential of their data.”

Kevin Petrie, co-author of the study and VP of Research at Eckerson Group, added: “Data practitioners should study our findings to learn from the practices of best-in-class companies. For example, best-in-class companies continue to expand the role of the data vault in their environments.”

Data Warehouse and Data Vault – New Study Reveals Trends in Usage
What is the level of automation based on commercial tools vs. homegrown scripts? (n=76, Copyright: BARC)

The study recommends that companies focus on fundamentals such as data quality, user-friendliness, analytics performance, and data governance. Companies should use commercial automation tools instead of self-developed scripts to improve data quality and standardize and reuse tasks. In addition, the study encourages companies to learn more about Data Vault and its benefits.

According to the study, best-in-class companies are leading the way in using Data Vault. Although the use of Data Vault lags behind alternative approaches such as Third-Normal-Form and Star-Schema, many best-in-class companies are adopting Data Vault and planning to expand its use. The study provides insights into how these companies selected Data Vault, trained their teams on Version 2.0, and expanded its use.

The survey data was collected from December 2022 to January 2023. Survey participants came from companies of various sizes and industries. The study provides valuable insights for companies looking to improve their data modelling, modernization, and automation practices.

It is available as a free download thanks to sponsorship from 2150 Datavault Builders, Adnia, biGENIUS, Certus IRIS, Coalesce, ElleTech, Info-Via, Performance G2, SQL DBM, TimeXtender, Vaultspeed and Wherescape.

Click here to learn more about the survey results and study recommendations.

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