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Integrated Planning & Analytics Software Market Shows High Level of Maturity

  • BARC publishes “BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics”.
  • BARC presents seven market leaders and six challengers in the global market.
  • This BARC Score focuses on integrated solutions for planning, budgeting and forecasting as well as analytics and business intelligence.

Würzburg, March 30th, 2023: BARC publishes “BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics DACH“. This detailed market analysis provides in-depth descriptions of leading software vendors and their solution portfolios for integrated planning & analytics. It is designed to help companies with the software selection process and enables them to measure up solution offerings against their own requirements.

The software market for integrated planning & analytics

The software market for integrated planning & analytics covers a wide range of offerings. In addition to globally active vendors, many local providers offer strong products.

Vendors evaluated in this BARC Score must meet several requirements. Comprehensive functionality for planning, budgeting and forecasting is a must. Relevant core functions focusing on the entire planning process (creation of planning models and masks, handling of the planning process, supporting planning functions), as well as financial and operational (e.g., sales, production, resources, etc.) planning capabilities are equally important.

In addition, solutions must provide comprehensive functions for analytics and business intelligence (e.g., for reporting, analysis and dashboards). A high degree of user-friendliness and seamless integration between all solution components is a decisive characteristic of market-leading solutions.

High degree of market maturity

Many of the vendor portfolios evaluated have reached a high level of maturity. BARC classifies well-established providers that achieve a high degree of market penetration as “Market Leaders”, of which there are seven. Their product portfolio enjoys a high level of recognition on the market and covers a comprehensive range of integrated technologies and requirements. They have a solid product strategy and financial position, compelling sales and marketing programs, and a strong partner network and ecosystem. The “Challengers” segment features six smaller, innovative providers with a promising product portfolio but lower global penetration, as well as some larger providers that either pursue a specific product and application focus or face the challenge of seamless portfolio integration following acquisitions.

Several vendors have presented impressive growth figures for the past fiscal year. At the same time, despite economic concerns about the future, there is still a high demand for professional software solutions on the user side. Many providers therefore expect continued good growth in 2023 and are planning further expansion of their portfolios.

Integrated Planning & Analytics Software Market Shows High Level of Maturity
BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics Global 2023
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Support for the software selection process

This BARC Score and the accompanying detailed analysis help companies in the software selection process. Well-founded descriptions of the providers and their solution portfolios, including a strengths/weaknesses analysis, enable a comparison with potential buyers’ own requirements.

About BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics

This BARC Score comes in two editions: The first examines the global market for integrated planning & analytics products and portfolios while the second focuses on the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Based on countless data points from various BARC surveys and many analyst interactions, vendors are evaluated on a variety of criteria, from portfolio capabilities and architecture to sales and marketing strategy, financial performance and customer feedback.

Only vendors with widely adopted product portfolios are considered. Vendors must meet a series of general criteria in addition to providing various functional capabilities. These include a minimum license and maintenance revenue as well as a vendor’s geographic distribution and reach.

About BARC

BARC is a leading analyst firm for data & analytics and enterprise software with a reputation for unbiased and trusted advice. Our expert analysts deliver a wide range of research, events and advisory services for the data & analytics community. Our innovative research evaluates software and vendors rigorously and highlights market trends, delivering insights that enable our customers to innovate with data, analytics and AI. BARC’s 25 years of experience with data strategy & culture, data architecture, organization and software selection help clients transform into truly data-driven organizations.


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