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Alexander Seeliger

Analyst Data & Analytics, Data Scientist

Alexander Seeliger identifies the potential of AI for you and helps you to make the best possible use of it.



Alexander Seeliger is an Analyst for Data & Analytics and Data Scientist at the Business Application Research Center (BARC). He advises companies on use case identification for data analysis and tool selection for advanced analytics. He conducts proof of concepts in the field of advanced analytics and provides data science and data literacy coaching. Alexander Seeliger is the author of BARC market studies and research articles. He speaks at conferences and conducts BARC and in-house seminars. He is mainly responsible for data management, data preparation and data enrichment of the BARC product and service overviews.

Areas of expertise

  • Analytical: Identification of data and methods for solving real-world problems
  • Communication: Translation of department’s requirements into analytical solutions requirements management, implementation, training
  • Methodical: Application of various statistical & machine learning methods for classification, time series forecasting and clustering
  • Implementation: Python, SPSS, KNIME and more

5 questions to Alexander Seeliger

What was the last song you listened to?

Currently I can’t get „Where are you now“ by Lost Frequencies out of my head. Otherwise my musical taste ranges between the extremes of classical music and metal😊

What are you known for at BARC?

For my affinity for snacking, I guess. It’s easy to tempt me out of the office with treats.

What TV series would you recommend?

I can’t decide…in my data science seminars I like to quote from the series “Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything” with Latif Nasser, as it impressively demonstrates that data is the connecting element between everything and that we cannot understand our environment without it.

How did you come to join BARC?

Carsten asked me to join BARC at a MeetUp and I said yes😊

If you could meet any person living or dead, who would it be and why?

Carl Sagan, because he had a significant influence on the transfer of knowledge in the field of astronomy and is still considered a role model for many here, even after his death, who carry the knowledge of our universe into the world. Astronomers, by the way, are the most amazing data scientists, generating impressive insights from truly flawed data.

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