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Dr. Carsten Bange

Founder & CEO

Dr. Carsten Bange is the founder and CEO of BARC.



As founder and CEO, Dr. Carsten Bange has built BARC into Europe’s leading market analysis and consulting firm for data & analytics over the past 25 years. With his team of 50 people, he helps companies make the strategic, organizational and technological decisions that ensure their successful transformation into data- and analytics-driven organizations.

Dr. Bange is considered one of the leading experts on the technology market and the beneficial use of data & analytics, which makes him a sought-after speaker, author and consultant for companies, software vendors and service providers as well as investors.

Areas of expertise

  • Data & Analytics, CPM
  • Data Strategy & Data Culture
  • Data Architecture
  • Go-to-Market Strategy and M&A for Software Vendors
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