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100 blogs for Power BI

Our 2024 update to the Power BI Blog Portfolio (click here for the interactive PDF version with links to all blogs) is quite extensive – we’ve added 21 new blogs (shown in bold in the PDF), covering a total of 100 Power BI blogs. If you are interested how the positions and bubble sizes are calculated, see our Q&A “About the Blog portfolio”.

The Blog Portfolio covers 100 valuable content sources for Power BI, sorted by popularity, target group, scope and focus topics – and offers the perfect entry point into the great Power BI community.

New English language additions include

And for the first time, we’ve added a pure podcast – the “Explicit Measures podcast” is so incredibly rich in content that we had to add it, even though it’s not a traditional blog. Congratulations Tommy Puglia, Seth Bauer and Michael Carlo for the great work!

For the German speaking community, great to welcome Artur König to the BI or DIE team – your “Power BI or DIE” channel has just started, but is already on our list!

In Spanish language we welcome channels like datdata‘s 163k subscribers YouTube channel, Sandielly Ortega Polanco‘s fabulous channel as well as Sergio Alejandro Campos with his 263k (!) subscribers of “ExceleInfo” – offering a lot of #Powerbi content on his mainly Excel-focused channel.

We also welcome great “traditional” Spanish Blog sites to our list: Francisco Mullor Cabrera with “PowerBI SP”, Santiago Tomás Selma with “Biti” and Salvador Ramos with “El Futuro de los datos” are all worth a visit!

In Portuguese language, Gerson Viergutz, Laennder Alves and Lorennzo Rodrigues offer very popular and content-rich channels, but in terms of subscribers no one can beat Hashtag Treinamentos incredible 1,5 million – again an Excel focused channel with a lot of additional Power BI content.

After downloading the interactive PDF file, simply click on the bubbles to discover your personal interests.

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