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Publication: March 2024

BARC Score Data Intelligence Platforms

With BARC Score Data Intelligence Platforms, you can compare 11 vendors at a glance and see how our analysts rank their portfolios in comparison to other market players in this segment.

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With the help of BARC Score Data Intelligence Platforms:

  • you get a detailed overview of the data intelligence platforms market segment.
  • you will be able to assess the market position and portfolio of software vendors.
  • you will have a foundation to build your long list or short list.

Further information

The second edition of BARC Score Data Intelligence Platforms evaluates the most important vendors of modern data intelligence solutions based on a comprehensive set of criteria.

Selection of vendors

Data intelligence goes beyond systematic data collection. It aims to generate a better understanding of data assets and promote data usage by using metadata to link and connect additional information. We refer to data intelligence as the use of various metadata to create transparency about data, its attributes, quality, context and origin in order to provide trustworthy, reliable data to people, processes and technologies.

To be listed in BARC Score Data Intelligence Platforms, providers must fulfill a number of technical and business criteria. Platforms must be able to integrate and process different metadata sources and types. They must offer functions for data cataloging, a business glossary, promote collaboration and be able to support and map data governance processes. In addition, platforms must have self-learning functions or offer comparable options to automate the extraction, classification, linking and analysis of metadata. Products can be used standalone or licensed and operated separately from the provider’s platform or portfolio.

Vendors must also generate a minimum of 10 million EUR in annual software revenue from the evaluated product set, serve at least 50 customers in the data intelligence domain, employ a minimum of 100 personnel, and maintain an office in Europe and one additional global location.

Software evaluation

Software providers are evaluated on two dimensions, ‘Portfolio Capabilities’ and ‘Market Execution’, each representing an axis on the chart.

In addition to BARC’s analyst opinion, user experience also plays an important role.

For our Scores in the areas of BI, analytics and business planning, we draw on the world’s largest surveys for BI & analytics and planning software, the BI & Analytics Survey and the Planning Survey, which ask companies each year about their satisfaction with software vendors and solutions.

Detailed analyst knowledge and comprehensive survey results are summarized in the BARC Score report and chart. The chart provides a clear view of each vendor’s market position and portfolio.


Florian Bigelmaier
Analyst Data & Analytics
Florian Bigelmaier is an analyst with a focus on data management and business intelligence.
Shawn Rogers
Timm Grosser
Senior Analyst Data & Analytics
Timm Grosser is a Senior Analyst Data & Analytics with a focus on data management.
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