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Driving Social Innovation with AI: AI4Good Initiatives

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DATA festival #munich 2024 dedicated a stage to the transformative potential to “AI4Good”, highlighting use cases for AI in the areas of social change, emergency response and other “good” causes. This year’s event marked a milestone in Germany, as it was the first to bring together various German AI4Good organizations to foster deep collaboration. These organizations showcased their impactful work ranging from AI-assisted rescue operations and medical diagnostics to combating misinformation and aiding refugees.

Dr. Theresa Züger’s talk highlighted the dual nature of AI in public service, providing examples where AI has supported public interests and instances where it has fallen short, urging the audience to critically examine the implications of their AI solutions critically. Her colleague at the Alexander von Humbold Institute for Internet and Society, Sami, covered the use of NLP in simplifying the complex official German language and in AI-driven fact-checking, which is increasingly important in our era of rampant misinformation.

Dr. Ivana Krujff-Korbayová, Head of Research, Development and Transfer at the German Rescue Robotics Center provided insights into how AI and robotics can enhance efficiency and safety in emergency response. Similarly, Dr. Denis Dalić in cooperation with the Care-for-Rare Foundation and Dr. Haunerschen’s Kinderspital, discussed the critical role of AI in diagnosing and treating rare diseases affecting millions of children globally.

Steffen Merseburg presented an innovative tool from Space-Eye e.V., that uses satellite imagery and AI to locate refugee boats in the Mediterranean, demonstrating a powerful application of technology for humanitarian aid.

Paul Springer, who moderated this first important meeting of the AI4Good protagonists, used his presentation to inspire data scientists to leverage their skills to address social, humanitarian, and environmental challenges, encouraging them to become “superheroes” in the AI4Good movement. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees expressing interest in volunteering.

The AI4Good.track stood out not only for its inspiring presentations but also as a hands-on forum that effectively linked theoretical potential with real-world applications. This convergence fostered a palpable sense of optimism and unity among participants, setting a strong foundation for a cohesive AI4Good ecosystem in Europe. The 2024 DATA festival didn’t just discuss the possibilities of AI for the public good; it demonstrated them in action, making it a truly pivotal event for the AI4Good movement in Germany and beyond.

DATA festival is proud and happy to have been able to explore this side and possibilities of AI and see it as our task as ambassadors for the #datacommunity to continue to pursue and promote this topic.

We would like to continue to support such AI4Good projects and look forward to receiving tips and submissions for further use cases in this area.

Feel free to apply for your presentation at our upcoming DATA festival #online in November 2024 or DATA festival #munich in March 2025 at

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