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Data literacy is a required skill for creating added value with data

Economic added value from data does not arise from the provision of insights alone. It is only through implemented measures derived from it that the actual benefits arise. This requires solid information and a robust data infrastructure. It is also crucial to know what data is available in order to avoid black holes. Lennart Schwung is a Senior Data Analyst at Holidu and an expert when it comes to data and insights.

At the DATA festival in May 2022, Lennart is a speaker on the Tech Stage. Beforehand, he gave Judith an insightful interview.

Watch the interview here:


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Overview of the questions Judith asks Lennart:

  • You are a Senior Data Analyst at Holidu – could you give a short introduction to yourself and about your work at Holidu?
  • So you are an expert when it comes to data and insights from data. In your opinion, what does it take to create added value from these insights? How can insights be translated into the right actions?
  • How is the acceptance at Holidu according to the usage of data-insights? Would you say that data literacy is a common skill of the employees at Holidu or is it maybe something that still needs to be trained in some fields? (how do you train it?)
  • At the DATA festival in May, you will perform on the Tech Stage and show participants how to build a data pipeline that empowers for self-service analytics. You’ll have a full 90 minutes to do this. What can the participants expect and take away for themselves personally and professionally at the end?
Die DATA Party geht weiter!
Das DATA festival #online kommt am 19. und 20. November zurück!
Zwei Tage lang dreht sich wieder alles um die nutzbringende Anwendung von Daten & künstlicher Intelligenz und wie wir damit unsere digitale Zukunft gestalten können. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

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