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How to succeed with data & analytics

It’s often large companies that talk about their successes with data and AI. But what about the smaller companies? Exactly about the question: “How to succeed with data & analytics, especially in small and medium sized enterprises” Dr. Carsten Bange and Divya Bokaria, Head of Data and Analytics at Zattoo, address this question in an interview on the Data Culture Podcast. Divya is also part of the DATA festival committee and has over 12 years of experience in the data field. Therefore, she believes: “We need engagement and involvement from the people across the company.”

During the interview, it becomes clear that the main issue is how to deal with the existing data. “Data does not exist for itself, but instead for the company and the product you are working with.”

“Understanding the problems of the business is understanding the problems of the stakeholders.”

To use data properly, Divya believes it’s important to know the business/organization well and talk to the stakeholders. For Divya, several stakeholders play an important role in this such as the commercial team, marketing, sales team, and product team.
When it comes to small and medium-sized companies, one thing is clear to Divya: “The use case that I would go for would be where you have the highest business impact with the least amount of ressources. Operations are harder because you have to convince a lot more people. You would start with stakeholders that have used data before. Because they are more open to it.” In short: “Use what you have.”

“Don’t just educate people on only this one use case. But actually inspire them on what else can be done with it.”

This approach is particularly important in small or medium-sized enterprises: “It’s important building this momentum, make sure to have a snowball effect in some senses.” This is one of the answers when it comes to the question in the beginning “How to succeed with data & analytics in small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Furthermore, you will also learn from this interview: how many people currently work in these positions at Zattoo, the roles involved in building that momentum, and how Divya defines a ‘data product’.

Watch the excerpt from the Data Culture Podcast Interview with Divya Bokaria:


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Are you interested in the entire interview?
Listen to the full interview in the Data Culture Podcast by Carsten Bange here.

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