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Data Culture Podcast

Priorities of the group data office at Lufthansa – with Xavier Lagardere

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Welcome to the Data Culture Podcast, Xavier Lagardere! He is Chief Data Officer at Lufthansa and in this newly created function, Xavier’s role is to promote data analytics and data culture within Lufthansa.

In this episode, you will learn about the scope of his core team, and that a total of over 1,000 people work in the data team at Lufthansa. Xavier discusses his biggest success and the challenges he faces in trying to support the organization’s various business units with data. You will also get an overview of how data is processed at Lufthansa.

Xavier believes that „Data Culture“ is not the best term to describe what he and his team is installing. As Chief Data Officer, he is committed to driving mindset and behavior with data across the company so that better results can be achieved.

Want to get more insights on Lufthansa’s data transformation journey? Xavier is part of the #DATAfestival online as a Speaker & YOU can be also part of it. Get your ticket for the festival here!

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