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Planning in and with Power BI

Watch our free webinar and learn how to get the most out of Power BI by adding planning and budgeting functionality to your platform!
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Can Power BI meet your planning needs?

In our webinar “Planning in and with Power BI”, we offer a comprehensive market overview of the solution approaches available today. Following an introduction in which we discuss the need to integrate planning and reporting and provide an overview of the latest market developments around planning with Power BI, four selected vendors show off their solution approaches. To conclude, a panel discussion highlights the differences between the solutions and the specialties of each one.

What you can expect:

  • Get an overview of the market & different architectures for planning & budgeting in Power BI
  • Get to know four leading vendors with three different approaches in direct comparison
  • Listen to the views of our BARC analyst and industry experts during a panel discussion

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