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Mark Handford

Project Manager

Mark is on BARC’s market research team.



Mark project manages some of our research surveys and works with clients, colleagues and partners to ensure everything goes smoothly.

He’s also heavily involved in the quality control process for our English language output as well as taking an active role on BARC’s CRM taskforce.

He works mainly from his home in the East Midlands of England.

5 persönliche Fragen an Mark Handford

How long have you been with BARC?

Since 2007.

Which song did you listen to last?

I just listened to Santana doing Oye Como Va.

What is your favorite food?

It’s hard to look beyond the humble potato. Versatile and tasty every time!

How did you get to BARC?

A lunchtime meeting with Carsten in a London greasy spoon. The rest is history…

What is the coolest thing about BARC?

Its commitment to table football. Within minutes of my first visit to BARC HQ, I was playing a game of doubles.

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